About Bubba

Bubba grew up in the small town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and still lives there with his wife Betty Sue and his two children Charles Wesley and June Star. He started Middle Tennessee State University but dropped out like many of his current radio talk show heroes. Bubba admires Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, Rambo, and Captain America. (because America is his last name.) Atlas Shrugged is one of the few books he has read, and like Ayn Rand, he believes selfishness is America’s gift to the world.

Now he considers himself to be one of the most successful salesmen in the country because he has sold guns, sporting equipment, drugs, alcoholic beverages, computer equipment, nutritional supplements, encyclopedias, Bibles, bootleg movies, Ginsu knives, Snuggies, dance lessons, time shares, and advertising to his fellow Americans in all fifty states. He truly has been educated “in the school of hard knocks.”

Everyone who knows Bubba knows that he is blessed with an abundance of common sense. His mama told him his gene pool is filled with this particular quality, and Mrs. Pigg should know. She’s one of those Steel Magnolias whom you never disagree with because she will “kick your ass” if you do. She’s on her fifth husband now, and her favorite sport is marrying Southern gentlemen and then “kickin’ their asses.” If you don’t think Bubba has common sense, she will come to your house, simply to “kick your ass.”

By the way, Bubba lives on the other side of town from Mama Sow. (Because he doesn’t want his ass kicked.)


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